My Top 3 Travel Tips

After a trip to San Diego CA I discovered a few things that made it very relaxing. These are my top three travel tips.

  • Don't rent a car if you have Lyft or another ride service available. We used Lyft for the times we got tired of walking or distance was too far to walk. It was wonderful not to deal with traffic, parking, and navigating. Walking allowed us to be more spontaneous, stop at unexpected places along the way, and notice things we may not otherwise see.
  • Allow yourself to simply do nothing! After all, that's the purpose of a relax and do or not do the normal things on your day to day agenda. We sat on the balcony of our hotel room and watched the boats, the people, and talked. By not over-planning and having too much on our agenda, we came across a great funk band that was playing after walking to dinner, we walked in and had a great time dancing before walking back to our hotel.
  • Pack a little creativity into your trip, starting on your flight. A friend of mine shared with me the idea of using the Southwest Magazine to tear out anything that inspires you. I chose to create a few blackout poems. Another thing I enjoyed was coming across an art supply store on one of our walks.

What are some of your favorite travel tips? ~Maria