3 Tips for Keeping a Notebook

“I think we’re creative all day long. We have to have an appointment to have that work out on the page. Because the creative part of us gets tired of waiting, or just gets tired.” Mary Oliver
 A few of my notebook pages

A few of my notebook pages

I am a big believer in keeping a notebook even if I go days without giving anything to it. I've read that some of the greatest minds in history kept a notebook so I figure this practice can help me bring out my best...whatever that may be. I've shared my post here on 5 reasons to keep a notebook but this time I just want to share a few easy tips to make it easy on you.

1. Keep it open so it calls to you, inviting you to share your thought for the day or whatever it is you have to offer.

2. Have easy things you put in your notebook, such as: your exercise routine, your gratitude list, and in fact let's include lists in general. A list  of who you talked to, where you went and what you did—all the mundane can be your muse.  If you have an idea, write it down...in between your lists. If you read a good quote on social media, write that down too. And just to top it all off, add a little color to your page. I'm not talking about a masterpiece, just a colorful line and doodle here and there.

3. Life is your material. I like printing out a few pics from my phone of simple daily life and taping those into my notebook. Allow your life to be inspirational material for your notebook.

Your notebook doesn't have to be pretty and perfect. It simply has to be done by you. And don't be so hard on yourself. I'll leave you with this quote:

“Inspiration and work ethic – they ride right next to each other.... Not every day you're gonna wake up and the clouds are gonna part and rays from heaven are gonna come down and you're gonna write a song from it. Sometimes, you just get in there and just force yourself to work, and maybe something good will come out.” Jack White