10 Notebook Prompts

 from my notebooks

from my notebooks

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 If you keep a notebook and find yourself staring at a blank page like I sometimes do, here are a few prompts that may help. Also, I'd love to hold my workshop "Keeping a Notebook" for you and your group. Contact me to set it up.

  1. Draw different size squares and rectangles. Color them in, decorate them, and forget about perfection.
  2. Create with recycled magazines. Collect 3-5 words and one image from a magazine. Combine them to collage something fun of your own.
  3. Draw straight lines all over your page going in different directions. Use these lines to write about your day, things to do, thoughts, or whatever you like. Add color if you like. 
  4. Make a list. Gratitude, Favorite foods, Favorite hobbies, Your best friends, Travel destinations, Creative projects. 
  5. The ability to recognize patterns is useful to our thinking and problem solving process. Create a pattern using lines, shapes and colors of your choice to fill your page. 
  6. Using any art supplies you like, draw a big flower to fill your page. Decorate your flower with doodles, writing and colors.
  7. Document your day by writing, sketching, or taking photos—a simple list of what you did, who you talked to, where you went, etc.
  8. Write a 50 word short story about a memory you have. “I remember the day when…” Include a photo or a quick sketch.
  9. Look around at your surroundings and sketch a common object nearby. Add shading with a soft pencil and blend with your fingertips. 
  10. Write out a favorite quote or literary excerpt. Use wacky hand lettering and get creative with size, shapes and colors.

Thanks for reading. I'd love to hear about how you keep a notebook. ~Maria