Somewhere along the road from childhood to adulthood we often lose our creative spark.

I believe there is a lot of value to being and practicing creativity. I am always amazed at how much we benefit from even the simplest creative moments and yet we pass up too many opportunities to experience them. Creativity doesn't just happen—You have to make it happen. Let's exercise our creativity, enhance our lives, and rediscover our creative side. ~Maria                                                                   

Invite me to your next event. I am available for your retreats, conferences, meetings/events, where you need someone to do something fun and different for your group. I can also lead a creativity party for you.

My Workshops Are: For everyone interested in creative problem solving/thinking and living a more meaningful life. 

A Few of My Clients Include: Seton Cove; Austin Community College; Round Rock ISD; City of Cedar Park

As a creativity workshop facilitator, I motivate and teach people ways to embrace a creative perspective in everyday life through the use of both traditional and digital mediums.

Professional Stats: Over 30 years experience in art—graphic design—publishing and hold a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Texas at Pan American.

Fun Stats: You can find me and my husband starting our day with a cup of coffee on our back porch in Leander, TX. You may see me on my daily walk or at the park with one or more of my 3 grandchildren. Most afternoons I've got my music blasting, creating, dreaming and doodling. I am always open to art, travel and a good laugh.