Tapping into the right side of the brain stimulates leaders, problem solvers, and lifelong learners. My workshops are fun, interactive and for anyone interested in creative problem solving/thinking and living a more meaningful life.. I create an environment which allows you to relax and become creative even if you don't think there is a creative side to you. 

Project 52

For personal development and creative goals. This workshop focuses on working through “Project 52” (a one-year creative workbook) pages to get you on a roll and give you a sense of creative accomplishment. Keep your creative muscles in shape and get ideas from unexpected sources with this workshop. 

Coffee Break Creativity 

For lifestyle enrichment and creative thinking. This workshop focuses on doing tasks and prompts in this notebook—all of which help cultivate creativity in us. Coffee Break Creativity is designed to reinforce short creative sparks and ideas in all of us…making creativity a part of our lifestyle. 

Keeping a Notebook

For personal enrichment and creative techniques. This workshop is designed to introduce you to a fun, exciting way of expressing yourself in a notebook. Fuel your creative thinking, learn various techniques, and enjoy the art of keeping a notebook which reflects your style and your life.

Photo Walkabout

For creative and lifestyle enrichment. Walk, explore, and expand your creative outlook using your phone and imagination. Small groups enjoy designated areas to photograph different subjects, edit, and share. Learn to slow down and notice the details, beauty, and art of life.