Not All is Lost

“Renewal requires opening yourself up to new ways of thinking and feeling” Deborah Day (author of Be Happy Now!)

Kenwood Inn & Spa, Kenwood, CA

Kenwood Inn & Spa, Kenwood, CA

Hello friends,

Recently I lost all my document files on my computer and wanted to share this with you. My tech-savvy guy had offered to take care of something for me and I never checked back on it even though I had small clues now and then that I should have paid attention to. I won’t mention names but I live with him. This taught me a big lesson. After losing my mind and getting angry, I calmed down and asked myself “so what should I do now?” and so I began looking through thumb drives and luckily found my most important book files there. Everything else was gone for good. Which led me to the next step.

First I decided to just make this a new start. Meaning that maybe it was time to let go of what I lost and begin a new way of teaching, documenting, and simplifying my notes. After all, nobody can take from me what I know and love in my heart. To live and breathe creativity is a big part of me!

Next, we took a vacation to the Sonoma Valley in California. Yes, I forgave him and took a trip with him. In the scheme of things, I told myself they were just files. Although I had to repeat that to myself several times, eventually and after a lot of great wine, I felt much better.

And the biggest thing I learned was that I alone am responsible for tech support results and learning yet another computer lesson was a good thing in the end. So back up your files, ask questions, and get help when you need it. ~Maria