Tell Me...

One of my favorite groups on FaceBook is Cynthia Berg’s page, “Of Ink + Insight”. Tell Me Tuesday is a weekly writing prompt she shares from the deck of cards she created, Tell Me Insight Cards. I always look forward to reading and participating with the group…Cynthia has a special, magical way about her and how she leads this group.

This one really spoke to me as I’ve been thinking that I do need a better plan, and maybe a little bit of a change in what I’m doing with my art, workshops, books, etc. It’s time to write out some specifics in my notebook and take some daily actions. Thank you Cynthia Berg! ~Maria

Photo by Cynthia Berg, Of Ink + Insight

Photo by Cynthia Berg, Of Ink + Insight

Travel Inspiration


I recently visited San Francisco for just a couple of days. My favorite way to explore a new area is to walk it and along the way, photograph things that inspire me as art. I may want to paint these street scenes or simply sketch them in my notebook. I am amazed at how much we can do with our phones and an editing app in just a few minutes. ~Maria

Weekend Inspiration

Hello Creatives,

I watched The Book Club last night and found quite a few moments of inspiration. Maybe not for creating art directly but certainly indirectly. Here’s one thing — Something that Don Johnson said about listening to an album on vinyl from start to finish…both sides, made me think about how much I used to enjoy that. We have albums and a turntable so today is vinyl day!

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
— Plato

I like writing these little things down while I’m watching a movie…to remind me. Tell me, what are some of your methods for finding inspiration and doing it?

Have a relaxing weekend! ~Maria